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The Easiest Way to Manage your Marketing System in 3 Steps

business growth leadership marketing Mar 08, 2023
The Easiest Way to Manage your Marketing System in 3 Steps


How would it sound to gain back hours of your time in your business? Marketing can be one of the most unruly departments to manage and often the source of much pain for founders. This is because there are so many moving pieces that it can be confusing to understand how to keep everything turning in an efficient way.

There are three key areas to focus on when you are trying to reign in any department in your business:

  1. Building a competent Team

  2. Having a handle on the most significant performance metrics

  3. Hold a Weekly Marketing Meeting

A truly effective Marketing Program is built on proven frameworks that help to systemize your sales process. It is how you create a marketing department that produces results and contributes to the success of your business. Do you have an effective marketing funnel? If not, check out this article on how to build a Scalable Marketing Machine.


How to Manage your Marketing System

Let's start with a hard truth. You can't manage all the marketing yourself. Not if you want to grow your business. Marketing is the most time-consuming department in your business. You need to get help with marketing if you are going to do it well. But don't worry, this article is full of amazing resources that are going to help you identify exactly who you need to hire, what outcomes they could be responsible for, and how to manage it all without pulling your hair out. Are you ready?

1. Build a Competent team: The key to building an awesome team is to truly understand what you need to get done. The tasks and projects that are going to yield the highest return. Figuring out what to work on is easy--you need to start by building your Marketing System, which I affectionally call your Scalable Marketing Machine. It is your 6-step system that I mentioned above that converts prospects into buyers and raving fans. Building out this system is your #1 priority as a founder. If any piece of your marketing system isn't complete or converting favorably, then that is the area you must focus on getting support. Build your team as lean as possible by only focusing on the areas you truly need help.

If you're curious as to what stages you may be missing in your current marketing program, check out my free marketing audit template. The audit template includes a quick, instructional video to accompany it that helps you figure out where there may be leaks in your marketing funnel.

2. Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): All team members must be held accountable for results as it relates to whatever they are executing. If you are hiring someone to execute a project, then they must be held accountable for completing their milestones on time. I do suggest, however, that every project or task be connected to a performance-based metric. For example, if you are hiring someone to revamp your homepage, then that person should be responsible for decreasing your homepage bounce rate or increasing pop-up lead conversions. A social media manager could be held responsible for post reach, engagement, or click-throughs to your website. Make sure that anyone you hire is clear on the outcome you expect from them. If they are good at their job, then they should be expected to make a plan for how to achieve the results you are holding them accountable for. This is an important distinction. Don't hire people that need to be told exactly what to do. Hire people that are better than you and come with experience and creative ideas.

If you need some ideas on marketing metrics to track and results to hold your team accountable to, download a free copy of my marketing scorecard where you'll get plenty of ideas on data points for every part of your Scalable Marketing Machine.

3. Hold a Weekly Marketing Meeting: Implement a system for review and analysis of your marketing tasks and metrics. The big secret to managing your marketing system is to hold regular, consistent marketing meetings. Here is my Marketing Meeting Agenda Template. The structure is super simple. You start with wins from the team, then look at the data by reviewing your Marketing Scorecard, and then take time to discuss tasks/goal/project details-- helping team members on places they may be stuck or need feedback and approval.

The real magic happens are you get into the swing of that Marketing Meeting. It forces you to get organized, pay attention to the information that matters, and helps your team to take responsibility for their work and work effectively.

The ease of marketing really comes in making a plan and then simply and consistently taking action to execute each task. If you can master that, then you'll become a pro at managing your marketing system without wasting tons of time or burning yourself out.

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