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what clients say

Deborah, CEO at
Early Groove

Victoria is an amazing marketing mentor. I’ve had the pleasure of attending her workshop, getting some individual coaching, and am in love with her podcast, Marketing for Startups, She not only provides relevant, actionable marketing strategies, but really helps time and resource-strapped startups understand where they should hone in and double-down on the right strategies. Not to mention, she’s such a kind, authentic, and good human being!

Lindsay, Founder at Elevate Leadership

If you are starting a new company, you need Victoria on your team! She will take you through a client journey and get you the things that you need that you didn’t even know you need. She makes you better. She flys at the right altitude - she gets the big picture and pushes on the strategy while putting all the tactics in place. She is passionate, driven and wants you to succeed! She is a wonderful human being and very fun to work with.

Déborah, Founder at Phloxe

Victoria has a proven talent for marketing. Her caring, motivating and empathetic nature make her an indispensable member of the team. Furthermore, her sense of detail and analysis make her a driving force in the work group.

She is an amazing marketer who gets the big picture and pushes you on strategy while putting all the right tactics in place.

David, Founder at AQUAVITA

Victoria is a natural leader and a true inspiration.  Her knack for marketing is evident in her work and she possesses a powerful ability to build and implement targeted strategies thereby elevating the companies she works for. Victoria's knowledge, attention to detail, and passion for her work is unmatched and I highly recommend her.

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