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sales focused marketing strategy

Your Sales-Focused Marketing Strategy

Employ a proven marketing strategy to skyrocket your revenue and profit.

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build a brand that gets people talking

Build a Brand that Gets People Buying

Bring your brand to life and create raving fans who talk about your business.

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End Marketing Overwhelm with One Simple Framework

End Marketing

Build a Marketing Flywheel to turn strangers into buyers.

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Tori Hajjar Ugli Ventures

 Hi I'm Victoria

I absolutely love helping female founders fix their sales and marketing strategies, build effective teams, and develop as leaders to create sustainable and profitable 7 figure marketing machines.

I've been in your shoes. Overwhelmed by marketing. Let's face it, business can be Ugli.

Well after a lot of trial and error, I discovered THESE sustainable marketing system that flipped the marketing game for my clients upside down, and made them grow.

At Ugli Ventures, we have since helped startups and multi-million-dollar companies grow their brands, scale their revenue, and dramatically increase their impact.

I hope to connect with you soon. 
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What They Say


"Victoria is an amazing marketer who gets the big picture and pushes you on strategy while putting all the right tactics in place."


"What I learned from Victoria really opened my eyes. Instead of feeling overwhelmed she actually has me feeling extremely hopeful."


"I am so, so greatful to Victoria for giving me the specific playbooks that I need in order to take my business to 7 figures."

Need to Scale Your Business Fast?

Our 6 to 7 Figure Sales and Marketing Growth Accelerator will untangle your problems and put you on a path for success and growth.

We offer an alternative to hiring a full time or fractional CMO that is super cost-effective and puts the power in your hands, where it belongs.

By executing a series of Sprints with us, we will help you build a marketing team and system to accelerate your revenue and profit, and give you back your time.


Marketing and Brand Sprint

How to dominate in your field and stand out in the marketplace. Get a customized plan to get more sales, more clients and more cash flow.

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Team Building Sprint

Stop  working endless hours alone. Leaders build teams and teams build businesses. Take home more money with less effort.

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Growth and Scale Sprint

How to consistently make progress on growing your business by leading an effective team with a plan. How to balance your life and make it happen.

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Let's face it. Business can be UGLI. We can help make it easier for you.

Our mission is to help you transform your business from UGLI to beautiful, so that you gain more time and make more money. You want that, right?

Ugli Ventures provides all the marketing support and resources female founders need to grow and scale your business from 6 to 7 figures in revenue.

We will help you power through the UGLI parts of business so that you can optimize your marketing strategy to expand your sales, build your team and enhance the performance of all of your marketing efforts.

Our experienced team of marketers and growth experts will help you take your business from feeling like a ‘hot mess’ to being a ‘powerful and growing’ company that can change the world.

By establishing your essential marketing framework and implementing the habits to create predictable profitability - we will help you grow your company beyond your wildest dreams! 

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Solid support from other hungry and driven successful female founders like you in our Success Club.

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Live explorations where we do deep dives to kickstart your marketing activities and identify opportunities.

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A series of 90 day Sprints where you follow our Playbooks to take your sales from 6 to 7 figures.

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