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Your Social Ads Will Fail if You Don't Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

business growth content marketing Dec 12, 2023
Your Social Ads Will Fail if You Don't Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

The money you spend on your business should be considered an investment. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't always feel that way. Especially when you're thinking about running ads. It can be incredibly costly to run ads if you don't have the infrastructure in place to convert leads from advertisements into paying customers. This means having an effective marketing funnel in place to warm up your leads and convert them into buyers.  If you miss this piece of the puzzle, you could be wasting your time, money, and energy on ads.

Let's preface this by saying, running ads is not a magic bullet to revenue. Despite what we all may want to think. But oftentimes, especially when you are first starting out, ads will deliver a cold audience to your business and it is essential to warm up those leads and get them ready to buy with you. If you don't have systems in place to do those things, then you have a leak in your marketing funnel-- which needs to be addressed immediately.

If you want to learn more about building a marketing funnel, check out my article about building Your scalable marketing machine. The scalable marking machine is your six-step process that all clients go through from first, knowing about your business to converting into customers and eventually becoming raving fans. You're scalable marking machine is an incredible asset to build in your business. It will help keep your pipeline overflowing with leads and predictable, steady revenue flowing in your business.

But now I'm back to ads.  While it isn't essential to have all 6-steps of your Scalable Marketing Machine tied together before running ads, there are three specific questions all founders should ask themselves before running ads to ensure the essential pieces of your Marketing Funnel are intact.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Running Social Ads Run 

  1. Do I have a good lead magnet that converts? Do you have a good lead magnet that actually motivates your ideal customer to lead their email address with you? As a reminder, a lead magnet is a free piece of content, a discount code, or something you offer prospects in exchange for an email address.  That said, all lead agents are not created equal. Before running ads, it's really important to make sure you have a lead magnet that produces for you.  You can test out lead magnets on your organic social accounts or ask current/ prospective customers what they like.  Having a good lead magnet is going to make it much easier to gather high-quality reads from the ads your run.

  2. Am I nurturing my existing email list with intentional, consistent content? Having consistent, intentional nurture activities simply means that your brand is showing up and providing value to your audience, each and every week. Nurturing your email list can look a lot of different ways but essentially you want to be producing one piece of "king content' per week and then letting your email list know.

    • Some examples of King Content are:

          • Value-based emails

          • Podcast

          • Going live on social

  3. Do I have a system in place for asking for the sale? Many people make the mistake of getting people onto their email list, nurturing them forever, and never actually asking for the sale. Plan some campaigns to invite those folks who are on your email list to actually convert into buyers.  I suggest creating at least one full sales campaign per quarter.

A sales campaign is where you are getting people on your email list, who have been properly nurtured and like/know/trust you, excited to actually make a purchase with you. You can coincide these campaigns with a launch or some exciting news. Or you can simply just run a campaign explaining the features and benefits of your product or service and getting folks excited to buy with you.

In conclusion, before running your ads make sure you've gone through these three steps to ensure that when your leads do start pouring in that you are ready to accept them.  Build a solid front-end to your marketing funnel and watch the revenue soar.

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