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Leading with Impact: Which Leadership Style Are You?

business growth leadership marketing Feb 08, 2024
Leading with Impact: Which Leadership Style Are You?

Being at the helm of a business, guiding a team, or even leading a small project requires more than just a good head for figures or a solid strategic plan. It demands leadership—a complex, multi-faceted ability that's often discussed but remains elusive to many. Leadership isn't a one-size-fits-all skill, and I often emphasize: it's about finding your unique approach and refining it to inspire, motivate, and elevate those around you.

Understanding Leadership Styles

When dissecting leadership, one encounters various styles. These styles range from the assertive autocratic to the collaborative democratic, the inspiring transformational to the relaxed laissez-faire. Each has its place and utility, and recognizing where you naturally align—or wish to—is crucial in charting your leadership journey.

- The Determined Autocrat: Forge Ahead with Confidence

Autocratic leaders like Oprah Winfrey command respect with their decisive nature. They are result-driven pioneers who aren't afraid to make tough calls. This approach can be incredibly efficient but requires a keen sense of when to temper decisiveness with empathy.

- The Inclusive Democrat: Harness the Power of Teamwork

Democratic leaders envision a collective where voices are heard, and collaboration is the cornerstone of progress. Cheryl Sandberg represents this style, proving that sharing responsibility and decision-making can lead to more invested and empowered team members.

- The Visionary Transformer: Inspire Greatness in Others

Transformational leaders such as Malala exemplify the ability to uplift and lead by example. They focus on the big picture and inspire others to exceed their potential. Here, the aim is not only to lead but to transform and forge a path for change.

- The Trustful Laissez-Faire Leader: Empower Autonomy and Growth

Sarah Blakely’s hands-off approach embodies the laissez-faire style, championing autonomy and personal growth within the team. It's a leadership style that requires trust in your team's abilities and a commitment to stepping back and letting others shine.

Discovering Your Leadership Style

Reflection is a powerful tool, and I urge you to self-assess and envision the kind of leader you want to be. It's about conscious action: deliberately showcasing your leadership style in daily interactions. For me, it's navigating the delicate act of onboarding new team members while ensuring she remains a sensitive and empowering figure in their professional lives.

The discussion around prioritizing people or results is ongoing, with insights from "The One Minute Manager" suggesting a balance is key. I advocate for a leadership style that recognizes the value in people while maintaining an eye on objectives—a delicate but necessary equilibrium for sustainable success.

Leadership is not a destination but a journey of continuous growth and adaptation. As I commit to exploring leadership styles in depth in upcoming episodes of The Scalable Marketing Machine Podcast, don't forget that developing as a leader is an authentic, personal voyage. And in embodying these leadership lessons, we mold the narratives of our businesses, our teams, and ourselves into stories of success and fulfillment.

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