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Lead Generation Mastery: Sub-Stories, Ascension Campaigns, and LinkedIn Ads with Umar Hameed

content marketing strategy Jun 19, 2024
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In this episode, I talk with Coach Umar Hameed from the No Limits Selling Podcast, where we discuss the critical elements of marketing that can significantly drive business growth. We chat about the nuances of storytelling, understanding the stages of the buying process, and optimizing your LinkedIn and email marketing strategies. 

Crafting Sub-Stories to Support Your Main Brand Story

As marketers, we know that a strong brand story is essential. But what often goes unnoticed is the importance of sub-stories that support and enrich the main narrative. Think of your brand story as a cinematic universe; while the main plot captures attention, it's the interwoven subplots that keep the audience engaged. These sub-stories should strategically move your audience through the various stages of the buying process: problem awareness, solution awareness, and decision-making.

Each stage requires tailored content. For instance, users in the "problem-awareness" stage need content that validates their concerns and opens their eyes to the challenges they face. As they move to the "solution-awareness" stage, your content should start introducing them to potential solutions without pushing your product too aggressively. Finally, when they are in the "decision-making" stage, it's time to showcase why your solution is the best choice through testimonials, case studies, and definitive calls to action.

The Value of LinkedIn Advertising

When it comes to LinkedIn advertising, many businesses shy away due to its higher cost compared to other platforms. However, I argue that the initial expense can be justified by the quality of leads generated, especially for higher-ticket offers. LinkedIn allows for precise audience targeting, which can significantly improve the efficacy of your ads.

We also provided guidance on optimizing LinkedIn ads for leads by differentiating between top, middle, and bottom-of-the-funnel ads. Top-of-the-funnel ads should focus on awareness, middle-of-the-funnel ads on engagement, and bottom-of-the-funnel ads on conversion. Each type has its own set of metrics and KPIs that need to be tracked meticulously to ensure campaign success.

Building and Nurturing an Email List

Building an email list is one of the most effective strategies for sustaining audience engagement and driving conversions. During the episode, we highlight the importance of lead magnets – valuable content that you offer in exchange for email addresses. Once you have captured new leads, it is crucial to nurture them through well-planned ascension campaigns.

An ascension campaign involves warming up your leads with valuable and educational content before introducing sales messages. We advise transitioning these leads to a long-term nurture strategy after the initial email sequence. Consistent weekly email communication can keep your audience engaged and drive them down the funnel towards conversion.

Balancing Ad Strategy and In-Mail Messaging

Umar brought up an essential question about balancing ad strategy with in-mail messages. I shared my thoughts on structuring email marketing to reach new prospects and guide them on a journey post-email acquisition. The key here is to be intentional with your messaging, gradually introducing prospects to your brand while delivering consistent value.

Overcoming Leadership Challenges for Women in Business

One significant barrier that I and many other women face in leadership roles is the subconscious need to be liked and the tendency to put others first. Umar and I discussed how these internal obstacles can be a hindrance to stepping into one's power authentically. Understanding and mastering your internal thoughts is paramount in overcoming these challenges.

I shared a personal anecdote from my work with Elevate Leadership. By helping them reposition and become more visible on LinkedIn through personal stories, we achieved significant success. The personal touch in storytelling resonated well with their audience, proving that authenticity and relatability are powerful marketing tools.

To round off our discussion, we talked about the effectiveness of combining organic content with paid ads. Organic content helps build trust and establish authority, while paid ads can amplify your reach and impact. By layering these tactics, you create a robust and scalable marketing strategy.

Embracing the Hero's Journey in Your Marketing

The hero's journey is a potent storytelling framework. Regardless of your industry, portraying your customer as the hero in your brand story can create a lasting impact. We cited Donald Miller's hero brand methodology as a proven approach to make your customer the hero and your brand the trusted guide that helps them achieve success.

We also shared success stories, like Coach Umar's client's transformation, to illustrate the emotional and persuasive power of storytelling. Testimonials and real-life transformations serve as proof, building credibility and trust in your brand.

Remember, mastering the art of storytelling, optimizing your LinkedIn and email marketing, and overcoming internal leadership challenges can propel your business to new heights. 

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