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How to Execute a Mid-Year Review and Realign Goals for Your Business

business growth marketing strategy Jul 02, 2024
How to Execute a Mid-Year Review and Realign Goals for Your Business

In the ever-demanding world of entrepreneurship, especially when you're at the helm of a successful business, losing track of your goals can be easy as you get caught up in daily operations. With the mid-year upon us, now is the ideal time to step back, assess, and realign. That’s exactly what I discussed in today's episode. Here, I'll delve deeper into the five critical steps to conducting an effective mid-year review and staying focused on your business objectives.

1. Assess Performance and Goals

During my latest podcast, I emphasized the importance of assessing your business’s performance. Do a thorough audit of your data and metrics, look at team performance, and revisit your initial goals. But don’t stop at just looking at numbers—interpret them. Ask yourself how these figures align with your original objectives and where things have gone astray. Leila Hormozi’s quote really resonated with me: "Lack of focus kills more dreams than lack of resources do." This is particularly true in business.

As a founder, it's vital to clear your mind and identify the few key areas that can move the needle the most in your business. This isn’t just about setting SMART goals, but genuinely understanding where your focus should lie. Reassess if your team’s actions align with these goals and pinpoint where you dropped the ball. Reflect on whether everyone has stayed true to the larger mission or if you’ve collectively veered off course.

2. Identify Opportunities and Challenges

Once you've reconnected with your goals, it's time to look at opportunities and challenges. Take stock of what has worked well and where you face difficulties. Have you been executing tasks that don't contribute significantly to your goals? It's crucial to identify and cease non-essential activities, reallocate resources, and get help if needed.

Maybe what you need is a consultant or a freelancer to handle a specific challenge. The goal is to address obstacles head-on rather than letting them linger. It’s a great time to double down on strategic opportunities that can push your business to the next level.

3. Engage Your Team

You’re not in this endeavor alone. Bringing in your team for a collaborative review can offer new insights and shared accountability. A mid-year review is not a solitary activity. It’s the perfect moment to align everyone with the changes and course corrections you’ve identified.

Discuss what has and hasn’t been working. Take this opportunity to energize your team around the shared goals, and make sure everyone understands their role in achieving these objectives. Their buy-in and engagement can make or break your revised plans. Remember, even if you’re a solopreneur, involving mentors or consultants can provide invaluable perspectives.

4. Course Correct and Align Goals

In the podcast, I spoke about the importance of realigning with your goals. Don’t feel that you’re locked into goals set at the beginning of the year. These should be flexible and evolve with your business. If certain strategies aren’t yielding expected results, it’s time to pivot.

For me, it was a revelation to realize that I needed to shift my focus. I had spread myself too thin across various social media platforms. Only after a candid self-review did I decide to concentrate my efforts on mastering one platform. This is your chance to be honest with yourself and your team—to admit when a strategy isn’t working and make necessary adjustments.

5. Strategic Planning for the Next Six Months

Finally, bring everything together with a strategic plan for the next six months. Utilize the data from your assessment to inform this plan. Break down your goals into 90-day sprints for easier management and clearer tracking. Keep KPIs insight and ensure they are aligned with your refined focus. Regularly revisit these metrics to stay on track.

Having a disciplined approach to your goals and staying steadfast on your focus is essential. This isn't just about getting through the next six months; it's about positioning yourself to end the year triumphantly.


The mid-year is a pivotal juncture in our business calendar. Taking the time now to assess, realign, engage your team, course-correct, and plan strategically can make all the difference in achieving your annual goals. Making these reviews a ritual can help you maintain steadfast focus and propel your business to new heights.

I encourage you to take a dedicated day to do this work, rewarding yourself for the discipline it takes. And before we get swept away by the summer's hectic schedule, remember: staying focused on the big picture will keep your dreams alive and thriving.

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