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Does this sound familiar?

My sales have plateaued

I've worked so hard to get my business to where it is today. We are doing ok, but times are tough and I know there is more we can do. So much more for me. I have a dream.

I'm so frustrated

My marketing is a mess and I need to fix it and get my business to grow and run like clockwork. I'm working night and day and need to get my life back. No one told me it would be this exhausting.

I hate being underestimated

This is not just a side hustle or something I decided to do on a whim. I've gotten some good traction and am ready to start making some serious money that reflects my efforts.

Imagine if…

Sales were rockin'

We guarantee that within the first week of signing up you'll have your hands on the levers of your business to jumpstart growth.

I had a great team

We will work directly with you to hire a team including reliable vendors that leverage your skills to build your own scalable marketing machine.

I got my time back

We will guide you to work smarter and do more, by putting the systems in place so you can have a healthier work-life balance.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own.
We will work hands-on and side-by-side with you to execute proven playbooks and templates so you can reach your goals.

“OMG. This is AMAZING”

"This is so much better than doing things on my own. I want to clone you."


6 to 7 Figure Sales and Marketing Growth Accelerator

A proven, customizable and scalable marketing system to relieve the stress you feel trying to do everything on your own. Work with us and tip the scales to get to your most profitable year ever, and keep increasing revenue and profits year after year.

For less than $2K per month, you can have a dedicated top CMO level marketing executive in your corner. Someone aligned with you to execute and develop the strategy, build the team and lead you to 7 figures + in revenue.

If you are a female founder & CEO and have been operating your B2B, SaaS or Online Membership business for at least 2 years and have hit at least 6 figures in revenue - this package is exactly what you need to supercharge your revenue and get back your time. We will help you make your marketing profitable instead of draining your resources.

We have a series of 4 "Sprints" that we will execute together to grow your revenue. We will show you the growth levers to pull and create a roadmap to 7 figures in sales. We will work with your team. Together we will enhance and build your brand, identify and put the right systems in place, recruit and build the team and vendor network you need - within a budget and work with you to lead them to success.

This 12 MONTH SYSTEM is not for everyone. You have to be ready to execute and have a proven product-market fit with at least 6 figures in revenue, and be willing to commit to growing your company.

If you want to grow and see results, then apply now and lets get started.


Sales and Marketing Growth Accelerator

Pay Monthly



Get to know us and see the impact we can have.

Save almost half




Save 50%

Choose our highest value option when you commit.

Total cost $19,800


Accelerator Core Sprints

Brand Sprint

We will help you lay the foundation for real growth with a proven system to increase brand awareness and generate more inbound leads.

How to dominate in your field and stand out in the marketplace.

How to take home more money with less effort for focusing on your brand.

How to get more CASH from your CUSTOMERS instead of doing the never-ending investor dance.

Laser-target the most effective marketing techniques for your industry and focus your efforts.

Value $10,000

Sales and Marketing Sprint

Develop more CASH FLOW by optimizing your marketing flywheel and attracting leads that convert to customers.

How to get completely organized and create a purpose-driven marketing plan.

How to create the best products, offers and business models for growth.

Increase your personal power by understanding the exact things that will drive your revenue.

Get a complete marketing management system - all organized, with SOPs, templates, budgets and trackers.

Value $10,000

Team Building Sprint

Leaders build teams and teams grow businesses. See how to take home more money with less effort.

How to stop being constantly exhausted and working endless hours alone.

How to build a powerful team and network of vendors without breaking the bank. Even if you don’t have a budget.

Identify exactly who you need to grow and how to delegate, complete with hiring guides and assistance sourcing candidates and growth vendors of all kinds.

Work Smarter, Not Harder and make your job fun again by buying back your time and growing your marketing team.

Value $10,000

Growth Leadership Sprint

Let’s kick some ass and scale your revenue fast and see results.

You got the company off the ground, now it is time to truly make it soar by learning how to confidently make data-driven decisions.

How to avoid constantly spinning your wheels with no ROI.

How to consistently make progress on growing your business and leading an effective team.

How to relieve the pressure you are getting from investors or your bank or your partner.

Value $10,000

Within The First 90 Days

You’ll have completed your first Sprint and we will be executing with sales-driven marketing and brand strategy. We will help you build a team and be there with you all the way and make sure you do this right!
We will reduce your stress and boost your motivation.

Total Value of Core Modules $40,000

Sales and Marketing Growth Accelerator

Pay Monthly



Get to know us and see the impact we can have.

Save almost half




Save 50%

Choose our highest value option when you commit.

Total cost $19,800


The results you
can expect:

Optimized Brand Strategy

Transform your brand into one that gets people talking. Get a memorable Brand Strategy and an updated, sales-focused marketing roadmap.

Your 24 x 7 Marketing Flywheel

Surround yourself with a supportive, affordable and results-driven marketing team. Get an instant marketing system and department - all organized, with Playbooks, all SOPs, templates, budgets and trackers.

More Cash Flow and Smoother Operations

Develop more CASH FLOW by pulling on your biggest growth levers and leading your team. Get an ever overflowing pipeline of leads that naturally convert to paying customers.

Your Own Scalable Marketing Machine

Make data-driven decisions that lead your marketing team to unthinkable heights. Sit back and focus on exactly the things that you love and bring you joy… and enjoy the benefits of increased revenue and profits.

Why This Program is So Different

The Marketing Grow Accelerator is not just another online course or DIY training that you navigate alone.

Instead, this is a customized, done with you solution to grow your sales to 7 figures and more.

With hands-on help from growth experts and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We will help you build a team from our exclusive "little black book" of growth vendors and industry contacts.

See how to get more CASH from your CUSTOMERS - instead of doing the never-ending investor dance. You will be way better off.

Compare the cost of the program to what you might spend on software like Hubspot ($18K per year), or hiring a CMO ($120-250K per year) or even a full-time Virtual assistant ($30-40K per year), where you are entirely on your own without any kind of guaranteed success.


Your Path to Sales and Marketing Success

Get Organized

Be Accountable

Get Help

Start Now

“We 10 X'ed our Leads!”

You need Victoria on your team! She will help you get organized and grow by taking you through your client journey and getting you the things that you didn’t even know you needed. She makes you better. She flies at the right altitude - she gets the big picture and pushes on the strategy while putting all the tactics in place. She is passionate, driven and wants you to succeed! She is a wonderful human being and very fun to work with.


How It Works

1. Apply

If you are struggling to grow a B2B, SaaS or membership company and scale from 6 to 7 figures or more, this is for you.

2. Book a Call

Once we see this is the right fit, we will book a call together to answer all your questions and make sure we can help you.

3. Accelerate

We will immediately plug you into our systems and take you step-by-step to success. In fact, we guarantee it.


The program is only open for enrollment once per quarter and we are only accepting a very limited number of clients.


“Don't take my word for it, see what my founders have to say.”

Victoria Hajjar

"For this price it's completely a steal."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Accelerator - without it I would truly be lost. Because what got me to 6 figures is not what is going to get me to 7 figures in sales. What I absolutely love is that this isn't just about one area of my business like sales or marketing or teambuilding, its the whole package. And for this price it's completely a steal. You get a C-Level executive getting their eyes in on your business and helping you directly. And for me personally, that has helped propel everything to the next level. Having Tori get inside and look at what's working in my business and what's not working and giving me strategic advice has made all the difference. So I highly recommend the accelerator to any female founder and thank you so much for all your wisdom."



"Victoria is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing! She knows her stuff and has a enthusiastic and clear way of presenting information in a way that will take your business to the next level. Thanks Victoria for your care and expertise!"


"This helped me understand how the pieces really fit together. I love the case studies because I found a lot of value in them. Talking with other founders helps me to re-frame some of my own questions to gain clarity."


We will help you grow your business and make good things happen


And, there's More > Check out these Bonuses...



Quarterly Review and Planning Retreats

The most important process you can go through for your business, organized as a virtual CEO retreat to track your goals and calibrate your marketing with support from our growth experts.

Value $10,000


Success Club

Join a private live community of fellow female entrepreneurs, where you will make meaningful connections and be challenged to unlock the mindset that leads to consistent success.

Value $6,000


Time Pilot

Take control of your time, instead of constantly grinding away on your own. Adjust your habits and actually create more time for yourself by applying our checklists, planners and calendar templates.

Value $1,500


Accountability Boss

We will be a pain in the ass that you NEED to keep you focused only on what's important for your business!. Prioritize what to do next and keep your finger on the pulse of your marketing to create momentum every day. We will be there for you to keep you on track with weekly Office Hours and Q&A Sessions.

Value $12,500


Monthly Marketing Masterminds

Monthly Masterminds with your fellow female entrepreneurs and industry experts, to exchange ideas, keep learning the most relevant marketing strategies in play today.

Value $12,000


Opportunity Audit

Victoria will take you through our Business Opportunity Audit process 1 on 1, to learn what the exact levers are that drive your revenue forward. Then you can start to double down on what is already working for you and get immediately on a path to accelerate and expand from there.

Value $2,500


Total Value of Bonuses $44,500

Combined Value of Core Modules and Bonuses $84,500

By the end of the program, you'll have:


Built Your Team

Having the right team that leverages your strengths is the only way to scale and take things off your plate.


Mastered Marketing

Marketing is the key to unlocking growth and building an outstanding business that everyone is proud of.


Grown Your Revenue

Your ever-churning scalable marketing machine will make everything easier, including fundraising.



Hi! I’m Victoria.

I can't wait to work with you!

Together we will set up systems that will grow your business for you.

I'll work with you to build a brand strategy that gets people talking.

We'll create a marketing strategy and get you completely organized.

I'll help you unlock your data so you can make intelligent and informed decisions.

And most importantly, I will help you build a team and lead them to success.

Meet our Team of Growth Experts

Victoria Hajjar

I've helped dozens of startups including SaaS Academy, Elevate Leadership, Fortress, Chic Collection, Geicko Renewables, ReactiveCore, Fortress, Phloxe, AquaVita, ReDress, CyVent, Bea Pila Design, Zorba Collective, URBN Resorts and more.

Eunice González

I'm a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategies, Content Creation, Content Strategies, B2B & B2C Communication, Event Production and Community Management for MTV, Microsoft, WeWork and more.

Dave Kusek

I've advised many clients including Pepsi, IBM, Intel, Sony, BMG, AOL, Nokia, Island Music, A&M Records, EMI Music, Polygram, Roland, Yamaha, Berklee College of Music, School of Rock, The New School, Boston Acoustics, Arnold Communications and others.

With our proven and proprietary Playbooks and Accountability Calls, you will untangle your marketing and get on the path for success and growth.

By executing a series of Sprints and regular Mentoring sessions with our Growth Experts, we will help you transform your marketing and your business to accelerate your revenue, income and profits.

Get training optimized for you. Let us help you build your own Scalable Marketing Machine and your ideal Team so you can truly scale to the next level and deliver the Freedom and Independence you crave.

Ready to work together?


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that you will increase your revenue and exponentially improve your marketing that we GUARANTEE that if you follow the program step-by-step for a full year and your revenue does not increase to cover 3 X the cost of the program, then we will continue to work with you until it does. That is our promise.

This program is for you if...

You're ready to make a lot more money.

You're ready to put the systems in place to free up your time.

You're ready to invest in yourself as a leader.

This program is not for you if...

Your revenue is less than 6 figures per year.

You want someone else to do all the work.

You are not ready to grow.

Now is the time to build and improve your business - instead of chasing investors.

Sales and Marketing Growth Accelerator

Choose a Payment Option and Apply

Guided Sprints and Hands-On-Support to Supercharge Your Growth

Pay Monthly



  • Brand Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Marketing Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Team Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Growth Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • 1 on 1 Opportunity Audit ($2,500)
  • Success Club ($6,000)
  • Accountability Boss ($12,500)
  • Time Pilot ($1,500)
  • Masterminds ($6,000)
  • Quarterly Planning ($10,000)

Value $84,500

Your cost only $23,967

Apply Now

Pay Quarterly


Save More

  • Brand Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Marketing Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Team Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Growth Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • 1 on 1 Opportunity Audit ($2,500)
  • Success Club ($6,000)
  • Accountability Boss ($12,500)
  • Time Pilot ($1,500)
  • Masterminds ($6,000)
  • Quarterly Planning ($10,000)

Total Value $84,500

Your cost only $19,800

Apply Now

We are only accepting a very limited number of clients and once we are full, that’s it. We need to stay focused so we can truly deliver personalized support and mentoring.

So if you are interested, “Apply” today.

Your Path to Sales and Marketing Success


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