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The Perfect Marketing Scorecard

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Hang on to your hats, my friends. Because today, I'm going to be sharing with you the best marketing scorecard of all time. Are you ready?

Now, tracking your marketing metrics isn't something I would expect you to get really excited about. In fact, wrangling data and organizing it in a digestible way is not only one of the most unsexy topics you could think of, it’s also one of the biggest challenges for most organizations of all sizes.

No one likes doing this. I personally have struggled a lot to find a format or template that didn't inspire pure avoidance.

It's not that I don't love viewing metrics and gleaning insights from them. It's just that the way in which data is organized doesn't help paint the picture of what is actually going on in the marketing department in a clear and concise way.

I've used tons of dashboards that are intended to aggregate all important data into one view. For clients, I mainly use HubSpot however, I believe that databox is another great option if you aren't a Hubspot user and need to pull data from various sources.

But while data dashboards are wonderful for organizing data and accessing it quickly. I haven't found them to be a great solution from an operations perspective.

Each week, I want a clear view of the metrics that my team is accountable for. I want to understand trends week over week or month over month and so on. But most importantly, I want to see those metrics and how they measure against our goals.

All that to say, I've been on the hunt for the perfect marketing scorecard for years.

I’ve scoured the far reaches of the internet to only be confused and disappointed time and time again. In fact, there have been many instances where I have implemented scorecards or software to just give up on them a few weeks later… unable to really get actionable and tactical discussions going from them…

until now…

Which leads me to some exciting news! (Well as excited as someone could get about a google sheet template)

I have created my own super useful marketing scorecard. It is the perfect metric tracker that allows you to clearly track the success of each part of your overall marketing funnel.

Want to know how it works?

Metrics are divided into sections in accordance to actions and where they fall in the client value journey.

For example, all lead generation (or attract phase) activities are grouped into one section. Then nurture activities like weekly blogs, newsletters, and social media stats are grouped together in another section. The beauty of this system is if you track the metrics in each section and measure them against your targets, you'll be able to clearly understand the weak links in your marketing funnel.

Even better. If you color code the metrics (for example, green, yellow, or red.) You'll be able to understand at a glance, where your leak is in the funnel and where you have to focus your time, creativity, and energy into fixing.

Want to copy for yourself?


I'm thrilled to show my masterpiece to you all. I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Take a listen. 👇🏻

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Victoria is a Marketing Mentor to early-stage founders. She has built compelling brands around the globe and has worked as a marketing director across several verticals. She is passionate about helping women think BIGGER about their businesses and giving them the tools to grow. She'd love to connect on LinkedIn or email her at

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