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The Magic of Intention

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

I was staring at a mountain of student debt. It was the first time I have even really looked at it in 10 years. I felt so much shame. I didn't even know my interest rate. How could I be so ignorant?

When I hit 30, I started really thinking about my finances and my future. For the whole of my 20's I skirted by. I traveled the world. I really enjoyed life. Then I got pregnant with my first son and everything changed. I needed stability, I needed a path. But I was scared.

I dug into every book I could find about finances. Suzie Orman was a lifesaver. I really needed to start at the basics. I felt so dumb, but I didn't let it stop me. I found the courage to make a plan. I switched my mindset to truly believe I could clear my debt. It was 30K, more money than I've ever had at one time or saved.

I gave myself 1 year to clear it.

If I were going to make it, I knew I had to be aggressive. I wrote out my plan. I signed the promise to myself. I made it visible. I put the targets on the fridge so I was reminded multiple times per day. A BIG red number. I updated that number whenever a payment was made. I visualized the number going to zero every day.

6 months later, I was debt-free.

It wasn't a miracle, it was an intentional, radical focus. Discipline and a strong desire to move the needle.

Accomplishing this goal changed my life. It showed me how powerful it is to make a plan and stick to it. When you are so focused that nothing else matters.

I was broke, pregnant, struggling to launch my business, and yet... I decided to do it, and I did. Once I committed to the plan, new opportunities opened up. New clients. Unexpected checks in the mail. The universe meets you where you are. So get where you want to be. Take a listen.👇🏽

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Victoria is a Marketing Mentor to early-stage founders. She has built compelling brands around the globe and has worked as a marketing director across several verticals. She is passionate about helping women think BIGGER about their businesses and giving them the tools to grow. She'd love to connect on LinkedIn or email her at


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