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Sell Yourself and Your Vision

One of the main worries I hear from startup founders and entrepreneurs is how to sell their idea and BIG vision.

We sell to customers all the time, but what about investors or your own team?

And no, it is not by sharing your enthusiasm...

I have found that it isn't your big vision that people are after. It's how they see themselves inside of it.

We all tend to focus on the pitch. Summarizing our business in two sentences or less…

and while you need your elevator pitch for many things, it is not the tool that will truly win people's hearts.

People don’t want to be sold to they want to know how your company is going to help satisfy their deepest desires.

What are the deepest desires of the audience you are speaking to? Discover with me in this week's episode of the Marketing for Startups Podcast.

Take a listen. 👇🏻

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Victoria is a Marketing Mentor to early-stage founders. She has built compelling brands around the globe and has worked as a marketing director across several verticals. She is passionate about helping women think BIGGER about their businesses and giving them the tools to grow. She'd love to connect on LinkedIn or email her at

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