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Productivity Tips to Steal from Google with Magdalena Pire Schmidt

Magdalena is an entrepreneur, OKR coach, and consultant. Her startup, Heron, is redefining what it means to be productive for small business owners. Her methodology helps users organize their weeks so they can run a thriving business while maintaining their personal well-being.

Before Heron, Magdalena worked at Google for +8 years setting up and managing international teams in the legal operations space. After leaving corporate, she realized that the practices that helped her get things done within an organization were useful as a solopreneur. This is how she began teaching OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to anyone that would listen. She was also determined to not drive herself to the point of exhaustion, which she was familiar with during the end of her career at Google. Any business venture needs to be personally sustainable and healthy.

Today she is bootstrapping Heron by working as a consultant and management coach for companies seeking to implement or improve their OKR processes.

Take a listen. 👇🏻

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