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Overcoming Anxiety

I bet you feel anxious from time to time. I do too. But have you ever felt totally overcome by anxiety? So much so that you don’t know how to calm yourself down or silence the ruminating voice inside your head? I’ve felt that way before. For years. Being an entrepreneur certainly exacerbates worry and self-doubt. And because entrepreneurship is such a personal journey of growth and development, I thought it might be helpful to share a little about my own experience overcoming anxiety while building my career working with startups.

It’s about changing your mindset.

It’s about reframing your discomfort.

It’s about focusing on gratitude and being fully present.

But… There is one thing that has been more effective than anything else in helping me come out the other side of my crippling anxiety.

Take a listen! 👇🏻

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Victoria is a Marketing Mentor to early-stage founders. She has built compelling brands around the globe and has worked as a marketing director across several verticals. She is passionate about helping women think BIGGER about their businesses and giving them the tools to grow. She'd love to connect on LinkedIn or email her at


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