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[Video] Marketing Overwhelm Series | Part 5: Delight

How to Make Selling Easier

Welcome to week 5 of this 6-part series on how to end overwhelm in your Marketing Department by using the Client Value Journey System. Today we are speaking about the Delight phase.

The delight phase is, perhaps, the most important step of the Client Value Journey. You've converted your lead and got them to purchase with you. Congratulations! Now is the moment when the client actually interacts with your product or service. This is not the end of the rainbow. In fact, the work has just begun.

Even though you've made the sale, the work has just begun...

Today we are talking about how to ensure that your customers are over-the-moon with excitement to have your product or be working with you.

How to Craft the Customer Experience

For those who have a product-based business, this means paying special care to how your product is delivered. Packaging is important. It also greatly influences how a user perceives the value of your product.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is my shipping process?

  • How long does it take to deliver my product to a customer?

  • What is the unboxing experience? Receiving a package in the mail feels like a fun surprise every time. In what ways are you playing into and enhancing that moment for your customers?

  • How are you going to handle complaints or returns?

For service-based businesses, you should think about your on-boarding process like? You should review the following?

  • How is the quality of my email drip campaigns?

  • Is it easy to schedule a demo or meeting with me or my team?

  • How is the UX of my website, software, app, etc?

  • Are the payment terms clear? How have I handled cancellations or customer service?

Pay attention to every detail to avoid frustration or friction. Laying out processes in detailed SOPS makes it very easy for your team to align and act in a consistent way.

Listen on for more tips and ideas on how to enhance the user experience.

Take a Listen 👇🏽

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