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Marketing Overwhelm Series | Part 4: Invite Phase

How to Make Selling Easier

Let’s stop marketing overwhelm and set you up for success.

The foundation of your marketing strategy is the Client Value Journey. Today we have reached the Invite stage, which is the 4th step of this 6-part series.

Each week I have been breaking down the Client Value Journey and offering tips and insights to help you craft your own winning marketing program. Today we are going to chat about the Invite phase. This is when you actually Invite clients and customers to make the purchase with you. It is an essential part of the buyer's journey and one that we cannot skip.

You may feel resistance to implementing a solid invite strategy- maybe it is because you are uncomfortable with selling in general or perhaps you're discouraged because what you've done in the past hasn't yielded the results you'd like. Both are common problems. No one wants to feel “sales-y” or annoying to customers. However, by skipping this phase, you are probably struggling to reach your revenue goals.

We need to ask for the sales. If you’ve worked the Client Value Journey system, by the time you are inviting potential clients to purchase from you— you have already established a good relationship with them. They will be expecting and welcoming to your sales communication.

Selling is nothing more than helping people. It’s time to reframe our idea about selling and start inviting clients to take the next step with us in a way that feels authentic in relation to our brand.

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