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Marketing Overwhelm Series | Part 3: Nurture Phase

How to Make Selling Easier

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “what should I blog about” or “what do I need to share over social media” then this episode is for you.

When we think about Marketing, we tend to focus on “Nurture” stage activities. Blogging and Social Media are examples of nurture marketing. But what is the problem? Founders tend to believe that these nurture activities are going to lead to sales. But that isn’t necessarily the purpose of the nurture phase. We nurture our contacts in order to build a “like, know, and trust” factor. We are warming them up for sales.

If you have a sales team in your business, it is so important that you are performing an effective nurture program to help turn cold prospects into warm leads. This makes selling a lot easier for everyone.

So how do you craft a winning “nurture” strategy? In today’s episode, you’ll hear all about it. I’m offering my best advice, favorite examples, and lots of inspiration to get you started.

I hope you enjoy it!

Take a Listen 👇🏽

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