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Marketing Overwhelm Series | Part 2: Engage Phase

How to Make Selling Easier

Last week, I started this six-part series breaking down each stage of the Client Value Journey. This idea was born out of the frustration I've heard from Founders in regards to marketing. For those of you that are feeling overwhelmed when thinking about sales and marketing, listen on.

Part 1 was all about the Awareness phase which is the first step in the Client Value Journey. It's the way you reach new audiences and keep your marketing pipeline full. If you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode, I recommend going back and listening. It is episode 33-- and it's a good one.

Today, we are focusing on the second part of the Client Value Journey: Engage. This is a critical step. It is the part where you are exchanging something of value for an email address. Getting the email address (or another piece of contact information) is key to building a relationship and selling.

Listen on to today's episode for examples and inspiration on how to implement an effective "engage" strategy for your business.

Take a Listen 👇🏽

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