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Launching on Kickstarter with Founder, Olga Sinnreich

When Olga Sinnreich had the opportunity to launch her powdered soap company, Made-Up Gossip, she knew that it would require a cash infusion to get started. This is what led her to Kickstarter.

Through building her campaigns, shelling out money for video and creative, not to mention many email communications and social media rallying Olga learned many lessons.

For any of you who have considered crowdfunding or other traditional investment, there is an unavoidable journey that every founder must go through. A journey that money cannot prevent you from experiencing. This experience encompasses many things:

  • Finding product-market fit

  • Building a loyal and competitive team

  • Gaining traction

  • Building momentum

Today we talk about all of it all. Getting started, growing, and the determination to keep going no matter what.

Take a listen!👇🏻


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