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In The Pursuit of Desire

It is the end of the year and goals setting is on our minds for 2019. As for many of you, we have been reflecting on all the amazing things we accomplished this year. All the great moments we had and all the new adventures that came our way. It was a big year, especially for us, because we made a HUGE transition in our business.

As you may remember, we were once known as Ugli Brand Management. However, after much soul searching, coaching, and deliberation, we decided to emerge in 2019 as UgliBoss. We have new perspective, a new passion, and fresh ideas. It has been a long journey, but we’ve been enjoying every single step of it. We know this is just the beginning-- and that’s why we knew we needed to not only set outstanding goals for ourselves, but also to approached these goals with more heart. With more soul.

This is how we found the Desire Map Program by Danielle Laporte. Like many business owners, we have always been goal setters. We had goals for the company, goals for ourselves, goals for our clients, our relationships.... But so far it has been difficult to find a strategy or tool that really helps to get us fired up about our goals. Not just for a day or a month-- but for the entire year. In response, the universe revealed Danielle Laporte at just the right moment. And from the beginning we though “THIS IS IT!” (and it is).

Danielle is a coach, speaker, and mentor. In the Desire Map philosophy, she explains that the key to accomplishing any goal is DESIRE. A desire is a feeling, and there’s nothing more powerful than that, they motivate us more than any other force in the entire world. So while other methods of accomplishing goals may feel overwhelming, with her Desire Map program the idea is to actually enjoy the road to accomplish your goals. The path becomes satisfying.

Her intention was to help us all create healthy relationships with your goals, so we all could discover the many different ways to achieve them through enjoyment. Focusing on how you want to FEEL in your life.

Now that a new year is starting, HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL? How do you want to feel in your work, in your personal life, with your husband or wife, yourself? Because being the complex human being that we are, we are always reaching for more. We love the holistic approach that Desire Map takes in looking at one’s life. There are many different areas where we can set goals and by breaking your goals by areas, it also helps us to feel less stress and more motivation to accomplish them one by one.

In going through the Desire Map, we began connecting this theory with something else we’ve discussed previously in another podcast-- setting your goals thinking about feelings is much like “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. If having a clear “why” is the backbone of successful businesses, we anticipate that applying this concept to your goal setting will be incredibly powerful.

Have you been thinking about setting goals for 2019? If so, we invite you to listen to our Holiday Special podcast HERE to learn more about how we are using the Desire Map to plan our goals this upcoming year.

Go ahead and listen to our podcast!

Before we say goodbye to 2018, we wanted to end on a high note. With that, we have an awesome giveaway! We will select one lucky winner to receive a FREE copy of the Desire Map Planner ($50 value) along with the Desire Map Goal setting Program.

HOW TO ENTER: Follow @ugliboss on Instagram and leave a comment in our last post explaining the main goal you wish to accomplish in 2019. The winner will be picked at random and announced on NYE so you can start your 2019 focused and full of motivation!

And again, thank you for an amazing year sharing so much with us. We hope you get to spend these magical days with your loved ones filled with joy and happiness-- full of peace in your heart.

See you next year, dear UgliBoss!

Love and best wishes,


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