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How to Make Selling Easier

How to Make Selling Easier

The best way to determine product/market fit is by doing market research and asking questions. There is nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul into building a service or product and then no one buying it. In this week's episode, I'm breaking down exactly how to get started doing market research in your business.

Remember: "The one who knows their customer best wins"

You do market research by interviewing prospective buyers and gathering valuable information.

How do you find people to interview for market research?

  1. Talk to current or past customers (if applicable)

  2. Use prospects list

  3. Referrals

  4. 3 part networks

How do you get people to provide useful marketing insights?

  1. Incentives (like Starbucks gift cards)

  2. Make sure you are not sales-y

  3. Make it easy to organize

  4. Set a target for yourself. I suggest 50-100 people!

What questions do you ask during a market research interview?

  1. Title & Role

  2. Company Information

  3. Goals

  4. Challenges

  5. How do you learn/search?

  6. Shopping preferences

  7. Ask WHY

  8. Etc..

Remember to follow up with a thank you or even a gift...

Listen 👇🏽

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