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How to Choose the Right Project Management Tool

Have you ever been excited to implement a new project management tool only to see your enthusiasm fizzle out in a few weeks? We've all been there. You'll feel in the "flow" for a week or so, and then you'll forget all about it and slip back into old habits like email chains and disorganized meetings. I'm here to tell you that there is a better way, but it will take some effort.

My preferred project management tool is Trello. I've come to this conclusion after trying pretty much every tool out there. What I discovered is that they are all pretty much the same in their functionality. Here are the basics:

  • Organize projects and tasks

  • Assign due dates & have discussions

  • Track progress

The reason I am partial to Trello is because of the post-it note methodology and simple aesthetic. I find it easy to use and appreciate their helpful integrations with platforms like Dropbox and Gmail. It's also free, which is important.

In choosing a project management tool that's right for you, it's crucial to connect with the user interface and adopt the platform's project system workflow. Don't go against the grain. Remember, there are tons of sites out there. Asana and Monday are also great sites with very different aesthetics from Trello. Play around to see which one jives best with you. Most are free or offer a free trial period.

I am a pen and paper girl, which means that using digital systems for notes, tasks, and goalsetting has never come easily. If you're anything like me, then it will take a bit of work to get yourself into the habit of using digital project management tools. It's something that not a lot of people realize. You must make a conscious effort to develop the habit of using systems in your business.

Here are several tips to stay consistent using Trello as your digital project management tool:

  1. Add the app to your phone and desktop

  2. Have the platform automatically launch when your computer starts (so you will be forced to review your digital task list)

  3. Be very disciplined with not using email to communicate. Have everything filter through your project management system.

  4. Be thoughtful in planning out your boards and review/ iterate consistently. You can grab my Marketing Department Template here.

  5. Be at peace with the fact that it will take an effort to be consistent.

Being consistent with your project management tool is crucial to achieving your goals. A good system can work wonders for your productivity and peace of mind; however, the system must be practiced and nurtured. Don't give up if you find yourself forgetting to update projects or accidentally falling to an email chain matrix. When these things happen, simply take a deep breath and realign with your bigger vision. While it may feel easy to fall into old habits, the truth is that systems are what will give you the ability to scale your effort, output, and return. Stick with it! I promise you it'll be worthwhile.

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