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How do you want to feel in 2019?

It’s hard to believe that it is still just the very beginning of the year. It feels as if we’ve already accomplished so much. We started with a bang and haven’t stopped since day 1 (well, maybe day 2, we needed to digest a lot of delicious food and nurse the hangover from New Year’s Eve).

The reason we feel so incredibly productive has a lot to do with how we ended 2018. We closed the year “pursuing our desires” by discovering our core desire feelings and setting goals through Danielle LaPorte’s, Desire Map program. To say that IT IS LIFE CHANGING may actually be an understatement.

Goal setting isn’t new to us. For many years we’ve been setting goals: yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily-- pretty serious stuff. However, something changed while going through the Desire Map program. For both of us, quite suddenly, we were able to establish a deeper sense of purpose and excitement when creating our goals a la Danielle LaPorte. It helps that we have a lot to look forward to. This month we officially launch UgliBoss -- our marketing mastermind program-- and there is a lot to do. But all those little tasks have been met with a deep sense of clarity because every move we make now is associated with the core feeling we hope to experience everyday.

With The Desire Map program you go through an entire process of analyzation and deep introspection. You begin by getting “Free & Clear” (workbook 1), where you think about the things you learned in the past year-- what you liked, what you didn’t like. This part takes a good amount of time, but it is worthwhile, because maybe you don’t know how you want to feel yet, but begin you to understand the ways you don’t want to feel. Which is more helpful than you might imagine.

Next, you discover your “Core Desire Feelings” (workbook 2). You are prompted to analyzing a list of 150 words with the intention of associating your relationship to each. Through this process, you discover how you have deeper connections or emotional reactions to certain words. This may throw you off. Other words will make you think, For example, feeling love is completely different than feeling loved. Same word, but different meaning and connotations. At the end of this process you’ll recognize patterns and begin to recognize your strongest emotional desires. It is exciting!

Finally once you have your feelings clear, you get to decide what you are going to do in order to feel your Core Desired Feeling with “Goals with Soul” (workbook 3). In the end, it is how we feel that dictates our happiness. This gives the goals you set a much deeper meaning. There is no better motivation than that!

Enjoy our discussion! We hope you find it helpful. We invite you to tune into the recorded Facebook Live or pop on over to soundcloud to hear the podcast.

February is about to start, but it is never too late to set your goals. If you’re in Miami, we’d love to see you at our FREE Goals Setting workshop on January 31st. Click here for details and to reserve your spot!

Let’s rock this 2019!



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