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Going from 6 to 7 Figures in Your Business

Are you a founder that has built a really great foundation for your business and looking to scale? Scaling a business from 6 to 7 figures requires a different playbook. There are three areas to upgrade when you are looking to upgrade from soloprenuer to CEO.

Soloprenuer to CEO

I've been talking to founders in my community that have made it to multiple six figures in their businesses. Ones who have started to build a small team and are looking for the next level. The problem is they feel like they have plateaued. So if this is you, please perk up your ears. Get a warm beverage of choice, a pattern paper because we're gonna walk through three essential things that you must do. Founder to get yourself to kick it up, a notch to get out of this plateau, the stagnation and break through to seven figures. Three Areas to Improve if you want to make 7 figures in your business:

1. Shift from Executor to Leader: There is a huge mindset shift that needs to happen from just getting things knocked out and hustling to get things done to stepping into a leadership role. It is so subtle but very important.

This means you need to get your systems in place with how you manage your team and start building out your different departments properly and expecting more from the people in general. 2. Dial in your marketing strategy: give your marketing strategy an audit looking at every single marketing action pulled through to revenue. You need to be able to track your leads and determine which market channel is yielding the best results. This will help you understand the ROI in your marketing and what to focus on in growing your business to the next level. 3. Create Operational Systems the systems that you have now need an upgrade. It is said in high-growth companies that systems break every 6 months. So if you've never changed or upgraded the way you are executing your business and managing your team it's worth taking a look at. Are there any areas where you can get more efficient? Are there areas where you can save some budget? Or how about some places where you need to spend a little bit more to make life easier for you and your team can focus on pressing issues? The more you can dial in your operations the better you will free your mind and energy to focus on the bigger growth questions. You can't think more strategically if you're stuck and grounded in tasks and execution.

So there you have it. The three areas to focus on if you're looking to get your business from 6 to 7 figures. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? I would love to hear from you. Comment below on which area of improvement you struggle with the most and I'll make a future episode digging into the nitty gritty of each of these topics.

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Victoria is a Marketing Mentor to early-stage founders. She has built compelling brands around the globe and has worked as a marketing director across several verticals. She is passionate about helping women think BIGGER about their businesses and giving them the tools to grow. She'd love to connect on LinkedIn or email her at

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