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Entrepreneurship and Mindset, with Linda Andrews

What if I told you that success was 100% dependent on mindset and attitude? That you can achieve anything you want in life if only you believe in yourself and the possibilities?

Would you roll your eyes or lean in?

Today I had the immense pleasure of sharing a recent conversation with my business BFF and Founder, Linda Andrews.

Linda is the brains behind Lila Life, which is an integrative coaching experience. Lila Life offers coaching memberships that range from on-demand content to 1/1 coaching that supports individuals on their consciousness journey. Today, she shares some of the well-being and mindset teachings used in her integrative coaching methodology for long-lasting, empowering change.

Not only that... you'll hear about her entrepreneurial journey and we get real (and pretty passionate) about discussing the failures and challenges of being a female founder in today's crazy world.

Take a listen!👇🏻


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