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Best Practices for Managing your Marketing Budget

How to Make Selling Easier

Growth takes investment. Today on the podcast, I'm sharing exactly how to spend your money wisely in 2021.

We live in a DIY culture which leaves many founders googling their way through their businesses. There is a YouTube video for almost anything you'd like to do in marketing or in your business. But investing in the future of your is essential to up-leveling what you can achieve. Growth is a mindset. The old adage "it takes money to make money" is certainly true in business. While the barrier for entry has lowered, thanks to cookies and social media, competition has never been more fierce. We are battling to get our message heard and our brands connected to the right people. This is why it's important to craft your budget wisely. When money is tight, it is especially important to know exactly where you should spend your dollars.

Always start with your systems

When you are first allocating your marketing budget, it is essential to make sure your operation is optimized. This means that you have a fully realized Client Value Journey and that your systems are running smoothly There are three ways to attract new customers: SEO, partnerships, and advertising. Determining which tactic to use is a big decision but one that can help supercharge growth.

Always start with what will be easier to implement. From there, it's all about testing and iterating. Listen 👇🏽 on for more ideas!

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