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3 Simple Steps for a Successful Brand

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Graphic Designers are wonderful for creating stunning brands. A good designer will leave you with a robust set of visual guidelines to help maintain consistency across platforms. The problem is, we are often left with a big question mark on how to actually execute the brand's mission and values. 

How to Gain Brand Clarity

Going through a brand clarity process helps to create parameters for the marketing you do and informs the marketing strategy.

The three components I like to clarify for the brand are:

1. Understand your landscape. Who are your direct and indirect competitors? What are industry standards? Where do you want to position yourself in relation to the market?

2. Understand your target client. Create a target client avatar. Spend time digging into the psychographics. What are the pain points that your product alleviates? How do you want your target client to feel when they interact with your brand?

3. Create Mood boards. Developing a suite of visuals for the world your brand exists in helps bring it to life. Build templates, find stock photography, decide on filters... as much as you can do to create a 360-degree picture.

Once the brand foundation has been laid and the team is in agreement, you can begin to build the marketing strategy. A useful exercise is to create your Client Value Journey (CVJ). CVJ is a framework that tracks the buyer's journey. It outlines everything from the moment someone becomes aware of your brand all the way to after they've purchased from you and have become raving fans.

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