Business Consulting

Let's give you the tools to your business. 

If you're an early-stage founder, it can be incredibly difficult to tackle the day-to-day challenges while you grow.  Maybe you've been thinking about launching a new product, strengthening your existing strategy, or simply running a leaner operation.  


Whatever your next step is, I'm are here to walk you through it and set you on your path for success.  


"Pick my Brain" Session 1 HOur | $265

Sometimes you just feel stuck. Book this session if you need feedback, ideas, or guidance. You can use this session to talk about anything related to sales and marketing. 


For example, we could discuss: 

  • Your existing Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Budgeting

  • Business Plans

  • Sales Structures

  • Systems and Processes

  • Marketing Strategy & Plan Development

  • Content Strategy Development & Implementation

  • Brand Strategy Development

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Pitch Deck Review

  • Investor Marketing

Go-to-market Part i:

Brand Clarity

3 HOurs | $800

Can you clearly state the core mission and values of your company? Do you truly understand your competitive landscape and what sets you apart?

In this workshop, we dive deep into the DNA of your brand and build a strong foundation to support sales and marketing.



  • Gain a deep understanding of your position in the market and how to leverage your company's strengths. 

  • Summary of your ideal client avatar and the messaging you'll use to connect authentically with them.

  • A visual representation of your band's values on a mood board and summary ready to hand to a designer.

Go-to-market Part iI:

Client Value Journey 3 HOurs | $800

The more you understand your customer’s journey the better you can address opportunities to improve key business results.

During this interactive session, we will identify the progressive behaviors that reflect the journey a prospect makes from awareness to purchase and beyond.  



  • A customer journey map ready for validation.

  • An initial set of metrics for how you will measure the success of map implementation.

  • Insight into breakpoints that affect the journey and preliminary plans for how to address and prioritize these breakpoints.

  • Ideas for content 

  • A preliminary action plan for bringing the map to life