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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that you will increase your revenue and exponentially improve your marketing that we GUARANTEE that if you follow the program step-by-step for a full year and your revenue does not increase to cover 3 X the cost of the program, then we will continue to work with you until it does. That is our promise.

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More sales

We guarantee that within the first week of signing up you'll have your hands on the levers of your business to jumpstart growth.

Great team

We will work directly with you to hire a team including reliable vendors that leverage your skills to build your own scalable marketing machine.

More time

We will guide you to work smarter and do more, by putting the systems in place so you can have a healthier work-life balance.

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We'll work side-by-side with you to execute proven playbooks to reach your goals.

“OMG. This is AMAZING”

"This is so much better than doing things on my own. I want to clone you."



Optimized Brand Strategy

Transform your brand into one that gets people talking. Get a memorable Brand Strategy and an updated, sales-focused marketing roadmap.

Your 24 x 7 Marketing Flywheel

Surround yourself with a supportive, affordable and results-driven marketing team. Get an instant marketing system and department - all organized, with Playbooks, all SOPs, templates, budgets and trackers.

More Cash Flow and Smoother Operations

Develop more CASH FLOW by pulling on your biggest growth levers and leading your team. Get an ever overflowing pipeline of leads that naturally convert to paying customers.

Your Own Scalable Marketing Machine

Make data-driven decisions that lead your marketing team to unthinkable heights. Sit back and focus on exactly the things that you love and bring you joy… and enjoy the benefits of increased revenue and profits.

The Difference

The Marketing Grow Accelerator is not just another online course or DIY training that you navigate alone.

Instead, this is a customized, done with you solution to grow your sales to 7 figures and more.

With hands-on help from growth experts and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We will help you build a team from our exclusive "little black book" of growth vendors and industry contacts.

See how to get more CASH from your CUSTOMERS - instead of doing the never-ending investor dance. You will be way better off.

Compare the cost of the program to what you might spend on software like Hubspot ($18K per year), or hiring a CMO ($120-250K per year) or even a full-time Virtual assistant ($30-40K per year), where you are entirely on your own without any kind of guaranteed success.


Your Path to Sales and Marketing Success

Get Organized

Be Accountable

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“We 10 X'ed our Leads!”

You need Victoria on your team! She will help you get organized and grow by taking you through your client journey and getting you the things that you didn’t even know you needed. She makes you better. She flys at the right altitude - she gets the big picture and pushes on the strategy while putting all the tactics in place. She is passionate, driven and wants you to succeed! She is a wonderful human being and very fun to work with.


By the end of the program, you'll have:


Built Your Team

Having the right team that leverages your strengths is the only way to scale and take things off your plate.


Mastered Marketing

Marketing is the key to unlocking growth and building an outstanding business that everyone is proud of.


Grown Your Revenue

Your ever-churning scalable marketing machine will make everything easier, including fundraising.


Hi! I’m Victoria.

I can't wait to work with you!

Together we will set up systems that will grow your business for you.

I'll work with you to build a brand strategy that gets people talking.

We'll create a marketing strategy and get you completely organized.

I'll help you unlock your data so you can make intelligent and informed decisions.

And most importantly, I will help you build a team and lead them to success.

With our proven and proprietary Playbooks and Accountability Calls, you will untangle your marketing and get on the path for success and growth.

By executing a series of Sprints and regular Mentoring sessions with our Growth Experts, we will help you transform your marketing and your business to accelerate your revenue, income and profits.

Get training optimized for you. Let us help you build your own Scalable Marketing Machine and your ideal Team so you can truly scale to the next level and deliver the Freedom and Independence you crave.

Now is the time to build and improve your business - instead of chasing investors.

Sales and Marketing Growth Accelerator

Choose Your Payment Option

Guided Sprints and Hands-On-Support to Supercharge Your Growth



Easy to do

What You Get

  • Brand Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Marketing Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Team Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Growth Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • 1 on 1 Opportunity Audit ($2,500)
  • Success Club ($6,000)
  • Accountability Boss ($12,500)
  • Time Pilot ($1,500)
  • Masterminds ($6,000)
  • Quarterly Planning ($10,000)

Value $84,500

Your cost only $23,967

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Save nearly 20%

What You Get

  • Brand Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Marketing Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Team Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • Growth Sprint & Playbook ($10,000)
  • 1 on 1 Opportunity Audit ($2,500)
  • Success Club ($6,000)
  • Accountability Boss ($12,500)
  • Time Pilot ($1,500)
  • Masterminds ($6,000)
  • Quarterly Planning ($10,000)

Total Value $84,500

Your cost only $19,800

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Meet our Team of Growth Experts

Victoria Hajjar

I've helped dozens of startups including SaaS Academy, Elevate Leadership, Fortress, Chic Collection, Geicko Renewables, ReactiveCore, Fortress, Phloxe, AquaVita, ReDress, CyVent, Bea Pila Design, Zorba Collective, URBN Resorts and more.

Eunice González

I'm a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategies, Content Creation, Content Strategies, B2B & B2C Communication, Event Production and Community Management for MTV, Microsoft, WeWork and more.

Dave Kusek

I've advised many clients including Pepsi, IBM, Intel, Sony, BMG, AOL, Nokia, Island Music, A&M Records, EMI Music, Polygram, Roland, Yamaha, Berklee College of Music, School of Rock, The New School, Boston Acoustics, Arnold Communications and others.